How To Use Anydesk On Android

How To Connect From Android To PC WIth AnyDesk

AnyDesk is the fastest and most affordable Remote Control Software in the world! Access your devices on all platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. AnyDesk enables remote desktop operations with unparalleled performance. Such as Video/Image editing, administration, and teamwork.

I will show you the basics for any desk and how to install Anydesk on android, how to connect from android to a pc, and also how to allow a connection from PC to your phone.

First go to Google Play, On the search above write AnyDesk. After you have found the app just tap on install. After the install is complete just tap on Open.

When you open the app you will get a tutorial on what you can do on the APP. You will see the ID of your phone, also you will have the possibility to connect to a remote address on your phone.

Tap on the menu from the left. tap on Settings. tap on General On this page you will be able to set up an ALIAS for your phone. This way you will not need to send the ID of your phone but a phrase that you can remember.

This is good for you and for the person who gets the info After you write a unique phrase tap Register.

Now, go back by tapping the arrow from the top. Now tap on Security. you will be able to set up what access you wish to give to the person who knows the ID or the alias.

If you put on interactive access Allow always then even if the app is not an open person can get to your phone. If you setup Allow only fi AnyDesk windows are open then for somebody to connect to your phone you need to have the app opened.

Also, you can set up some password for unattended access on your phone. This means that the person who has the password can enter without any confirmation. setup a password.

You have other options that you can check. 
Now, go back by tapping the arrow from the top, tap on Privacy. you can set up a username for your device… Tap on the current username to edit. Also, you can add an image to this username and set if you wish to show the wallpaper on a AnyDesk connection.

Now, go back by tapping the arrow from the top, tap on Input. there you find the option enables the automatic keyboard. this feature will enable if the keyboard appears when the text input field is tapped.

Also, we have the touch mode.. if we wish to use a direct mouse mode or touchpad mode. Now, let's go back by tapping the arrow from the top.

Now tap on Display. On display, we have an option about the quality of the transmitted connection. If we want the best quality, or best speed, or a mix of it. Also, we have the option to see the remote cursor on the device we connect to.

Now, let's go back by tapping the arrow from the top. Now let’s tap on Audio. we have 2 important features. If we wish so that the person who connects to hear what we head on the microphone on the device we can enable this.

If we have checked this we will need to allow permission to any desk to record audio. Also if we want the person to hear what we hear when we play a video.. then we need to enable playback.

This is useful if we show that person a video and we wish to hear the sound also. On the VPN and connections part, we will skip… because how you can see there are lots of complicated settings that most of you will not use.

The last part we will talk about is about recordings.  we can set up that every time a session starts to automatically record it. Also, we can record incoming sessions and outgoing sessions… depending on what we want.

Now let's see how we can connect from android to a PC.
First please note that the PC needs to have Anydesk installed. So please be sure you talk with the person to install this software. After this just ask that person the ID from AnyDesk. After we have this info we can continue.

Tap on AnyDesk app, on the app just write the ID you receive on this field: remote address After you have added the address just tap on the button with the arrow, Now you will have to wait until the person accepts your request.

If the request is accepted then any desk will start a small tutorial. Tap on any desk icon. You will have the input of the device that you can use. Also the monitor, this is very useful if the computer has 2 monitors and you need to change between them.

The next on the tutorial is the button for the close. Now the tutorial is over. You are now connected to the PC. You can try to play around a bit with the screen and try to get used to the commands from the phone.

It is not easy for the first time to understand how the system works and how you can manage the pc from the phone. Tap on the anydesk menu. If we tap on the first menu, settings, we will see some options that might interest us.

This is the input settings, more about how we can control the computer with mouse and keyboard The display option has a selector for the quality of the transmission. I always use the best audio/video quality but on low internet maybe it is better to use balanced or optimize reaction time.

Also you can activate to show the remove cursor. The next option is input. If we go on the input zone… we will see that the first button from the top is the special keys. This is very useful if we need these keys.

The second option is the normal keyboard.. that we can use to input data on the screen. I must say I had some problems with inputting data from the phone to PC… but this might be on my computer.

The next option is the monitor. This is useful if the computer has multiple monitors if not just skip this part. The last option is Actions. we can just take a screenshot, upload files to this computer from phone.. or accept files from the phone.

The other options are not available on remote for android, at least at the time of this record. These are the main options. After you have played around and you do not need this anymore just tap the close session button.

You have connected to a PC from your android device.
But how can we allow a connection from the PC to our phone? Let's see this…. To allow access to your phone with AnyDesk you will need an internet connection, this is not possible offline. Also, you will need to have any desk installed on your phone.

Please be sure to have this. First, start your app… so tap on the AnyDesk icon. you will see your address. Give this address to the person who you wish to allow to access your phone. After you have given this ID please wait.

When somebody will try to connect to your phone you will receive some notifications. This depends on the manufacturer of your phone. But, if you want to give access tap Start Now you have a security warning from any desk.

Tap I am aware of the risks. You can also tap on the second check and then you will not see this dialog again. Then tap accept.

Now your connection is started with the person. Let's see how this looks on the PC. So the system works quite nice. We see sometimes a bit of a lag and also the icons are not quite well polished… but it is ok.

You can easily control your phone with this from your PC.

If you wish to close the connection from the phone with the PC… go back to any desk app.. and tap on the X button from the connection zone… Now you have allowed access to your phone by email.

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