Make Money Fast : 5 BEST Apps to Sell Your Stuff

The 5 Best Apps for Selling Stuff in 2020

It's about time for some spring cleaning and if you found that you have a lot of unused stuff hanging around your home, you might wanna consider selling it to make some extra money.

Today we're talking about the five best apps to sell your stuff and make some money fast. Have you ever tried to sell something online?
I have sold fewer things online from cars, that musical instruments, and tech items. Well, the sites that we used meant that we had to spend a little bit more time weeding through who was legitimately interested in the sale We've been able to cash out on selling things that we're no longer using.

If you're ready to declutter your life or get started on some spring cleaning, selling things online could be a great way to free up your space and make some extra cash that you can put towards debt or even for that next vacation.

So here are the top five best apps for selling and making money.

1. Decluttr
Decluttr lets you sell, use CDs, DVDs, games, and tech online, and using declutter, it's pretty simple. All you have to do is pack your items, stick on the label, and drop it, in the nearest UPS location, customer center, or authorized retail outlet.

The day after your items arrive, you'll receive payment via direct deposit, PayPal, check, or as a donation to your chosen charity. When you're on the Decluttr app or website, you can enter your item and you'll get an instant valuation for the item that you're wanting to sell.

The great part about this is that you don't need to answer any crazy questions about the product that you're trying to sell and you don't need to write out a description either. It's as easy as telling Decluttr what you're selling and they'll tell you how much money you'll make. 

If you decide to move forward with selling on Decluttr, they'll send you a free shipping label to use to send in your items. It's really that easy to work with them and get paid and they have an A rating with the better business bureau.

A few months ago I bought the new iPhone 11 and I didn't know about Decluttr then and honestly wish that I did. On their website, you can look up the value of selling back your old iPhone, which may be a better deal than selling it back to the carrier.

It's definitely a great site that you can use to compare your options when you're getting ready to buy a newer gadget and get rid of the old. If you have extra clothes in your closet that you don't love anymore or maybe don't fit a great option to make money fast on juice clothing is with Thredup.

2. Thredup
Thredup is one of the most trustworthy buy and sell apps out there. The app is built for selling and also buying used clothes from brands like Old Navy, Gap, and J.Crew as well as other designer brands. If you're wanting to sell your clothes on Thredup, you'll need to order a free closet clean-out kit on their website.

Once the bag arrives in the mail, you can put your gently used clothing and send it off and wait. What's your order is processed, you will receive payment via Thredup shopping credit, PayPal, or a Visa Prepaid Card.

Now you won't know how much you'll get until you send your clothes off and if any clothing you send is not acceptable, you'll have to pay a $10.99 fee to get them back. But you can use Thredup's payout estimator to get an idea of your potential earnings before sending in your goods.

So if you want to sell your clothing on Thredup, definitely check out their site to make sure that your clothing will be sufficient to their standards and be accepted. With selling on Thredup, you don't need to worry about taking pictures of your clothing or writing descriptions or dealing with potential customers.

They handle all of that for you and you just get money for sending in your gently used clothes. I think that selling your clothes on Thredup is great for a couple of reasons. First, it's an easy way to make money because you don't have to deal with all the other aspects, that come with selling online.

You get to make quick money. Just by sending in clothing, you don't use anyway. Another great benefit is that it helps the environment instead of throwing away something that you don't want anymore. It can be recycled and enjoyed by someone else.

3. Letgo
Letgo was an alternative to Craigslist and lets you sell items like clothes, furniture, cars, and another item to people in your area. To get started with the Letgo App, create a free account, and then upload photos of what you want to sell.

Now it's important, to be honest, and clear about the condition of your items. And having quality pictures will better help with marketing your items so that they sell faster. This app is a bit more work than others that we talked about earlier.

Just because you have to create the listing yourself, and do a little bit more work to market your items well if you really want to sell it fast and for your desired amount. But the great part about this is that you have the potential, to make a greater profit.

There are a few other websites out there, that are alternatives to Letgo. Websites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are similar. My husband and I have used these types of platforms to list our own items, communicate with potential buyers, and make direct sales.

We recently sold a 2001 Toyota Tacoma in a week this way and have sold music equipment that we no longer need. It was important for us to keep our privacy, during most of these sales and meet potential buyers in a neutral location.

But other than that, we've had pretty great success with selling on these platforms. One of my favorite selling stories is when my husband, who was my boyfriend at the time, was in college. He got free furniture off of Craigslist for his apartment and it was hideous.

And when the school year was done, he turned around and sold it again on Craigslist. To this day, I'm still honestly in shock, that someone would even pay $30 for the mustard yellow floral couch that he had, but that just goes to show, you really can sell a lot of things online and make some easy money.

4. OfferUp
OfferUp is a free app that connects people selling items like jewelry, cars, smartphones, and other tech items with local buyers. Unlike other selling apps, OfferUp allows buyers and sellers to communicate in-app, so there's no need to give out personal information. 

They also offer a network of public community meetup locations like police stations, which is great to help with the safety of buyers and sellers. OfferUp, lets buyers rate sellers, so it's important, to be honest about the items that you're selling.

You can also link your Facebook account, which gives an additional boost to your credibility. With the OfferUp App, it's still important for you to write a good description and take quality photos to make your listing more enticing.

When buyers find your listing, they have the option to ask questions or make an offer on the item, and just like that, the junk collecting dust in your attic could be money in your pocket.

5. eBay
With eBay you can buy and sell almost anything and popular categories include video games, phones, tech, and shoes. eBay's internet platform means that you can sell your item
to someone in almost any geographic location.

But that does mean that there will be an additional cost of shipping. you can actually use eBay to sell stuff locally. When trading your listing, you can select the option to be, offered local pickup only.

And when you choose this option, your item will only be offered to buyers who live in or near your zip code. In college, some of my classmates and I use eBay to buy and sell used textbooks. I remember that I had to bid on a listing and then when I won, the seller had the book shipped to me.

Since eBay has been so popular for many years. It was a website that I trusted when I was looking for a specific textbook. There are so many selling apps out there and choosing the best app depends, on the items that you have, the condition that they're in, and how much hassle and time you want to spend.

Our tip for picking the right platform is to see if there's an app that specializes in that category and also is mindful of any fees that the company may charge for your listing. But 

once you sell the old items that you no longer use, you'll love having that extra money in your pocket to put towards that next financial goal. So those are our top five favorite apps for selling items to make money.

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