How To Stop Being Tired All The Time

How To Stop Feeling Tired and Lazy

If you were to sit down and ask my mom about, I was like as a young kid she would almost immediately tell you that, I was energetic and filled with life I would spend every day after school running around with neighborhood kids playing cops, robbers manhunts, and even kicked the can all the way until the sun went down.
But when I was about 10 years old something suddenly changed. I started noticing myself getting tired doing what I considered to be fairly easy things like climbing up a couple flights of stairs, it was like out of nowhere I had become out of shape.

Also, I started having issues with staying awake for the entire I would fall asleep in class even if I had a full good night of sleep.

After a couple of months, I started to gain some weight. My mother found it a bit strange because we almost never out to eat see my family always cooked at home.
My mom was sort of a health nut and because of that, I grew up on a diet consisting of mostly steamed foods.

Steamed chicken, steamed fish, steamed vegetables, steamed Everything I wasn't allowed to eat candy or junk food unless there was a special occasion.

So literally wasn't a place I could be getting all those extra calories from more time passed and the symptoms continued to get worse and worse.

I became even more sluggish I felt even less of an urge to socialize and I even Started a bit depressed but one day when my grandma came to visit, she pointed out to my mom that my throat had gotten bigger since the last time.

She came around and it was the point when my mom finally decided to bring me to the family doctor, So I went to the clinic and the doc ran a couple of tests, and the soon discovered that I had a pretty bad hormonal imbalance.
I was diagnosed with something called hypothyroidism C it turned out that for some unknown reason my thyroid stopped functioning properly.

For those of you that don't know the thyroid is an organ that's located in your neck. Part of the endocrine system and it's the main job is to regulate your body's metabolism.

Basically, it controls how much energy you have, your body's temperature, your weight, and even your mood For some reason my thyroid was not producing as much of the hormones I needed to feel like a normal person.

If my grandma never pointed out that my neck was getting bigger, I might have never said for it. I have continued to gain weight continue to feel sluggish and continued to fell depressed into my Years.

And the worst part of it all would be that I would have thought that it was all my fault. I would have thought that it was my fault for being lazy, my fault for eating too much, my fault for being to the weekend for being too unmotivated.

When in reality it was something completely outside of my control that was responsible for just about all of those negative symptoms.

And that's why to this day I am such a huge supporter of getting your blood work done. getting your hormones and even vitamin levels checked out if possible. especially if you are suffering from some sort of problem and you can't seem to pinpoint the source of the issue. 

I had nagged my doctors to allow me to test for things like my testosterone levels because I was obsessed with Self-improvement and because I played around with things in my diet and I made a lot of lifestyle changes.

I wanted to actually see if any of the things I was doing had a positive or even negative effect on my body, but whenever I asked my doctor for testosterone says he would just tell me that I was too young and that it would not be covered by my insurance.

It would have cost me over a thousand dollars just to get the blood work done. which is insane and I ended up getting my testosterone checked in a completely foreign country for a fraction of that price.

But I shouldn't have to leave the country just to see what my testosterone level is don't underestimate the power of getting your blood checked because you could be doing everything right.

You could have built all the right habits you could be someone who takes perfect care of your body but all of that hard work could potentially be trumped by something as simple as a hormonal imbalance that's totally outside of your control.

For me personally the moment the doctors realized that I had a thyroid issue they prescribed me with level 2 rock scene which basically supplements my body with the right hormone.

I needed and within just a couple of months I was back to my old self, I quickly lost weight, I have put on and I was once again filled with energy spending most of my time running around with the neighborhood kids.

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