Why Your Life is So Boring.? The Real Reason

Why Your Life is So Boring.?

Living in an exciting and interesting life is important.because when You're doing the same thing every single day.

And there's nothing new going on in your life, your brain will start to go on autopilot more often.

it stops focusing on the present moment, it starts creating fewer memories and time starts flying by faster and faster.

Life is so boring

I think you should strive to live a more interesting and exciting life.
 not because it looks cool on Social media, because it will make you feel like you're actually living life to its fullest.

A life with fewer regrets. it's also going to make you into a more memorable person.
someone that others will want to get to know. So let's jump right into it.

Why is life so boring

There are there Two Main Reasons Why you are bored.

Boring life Reason

Reason 1.
the first is that you always look to the masses for inspiration on what to do!
there is something that I often see when it comes to dancing.

there are literally thousands and thousands of different dance moves out there.but it comes to dance there are always trends, Styles of dance that are popular and specific moves that are popular.

for example, recently we had the floss. the floss is a dance move invented by someone known as the backpack kid.after performing his move on stage with Katy Perry on Saturday Night Live it soon became a viral sensation.

Backpack Kid

the video got tens of millions of views and suddenly people all around the world we're learning how to floss.now the thing about the floss is that it is a very interesting movie. I had never seen anything like it before,

So I do I have to commend the backpack kid on his creation.
But when it viral all a sudden everyone in their Grandma picked up the move.

Everywhere I went Parties clubs outside event anywhere there was me, people, with doing the floss. Now don't take this the wrong way it's better to be dancing to music and not be dancing at all.
but when everyone is doing the same move it becomes boring.

backpack kid dance
Dance is about a unique expression of how the music makes your body feel.

That's why in most cases watching people dance is interesting because you get to see the unique way to interpret the music.

but if you jump on the dance floor and do you spend the floss you're just doing something that everyone else is doing. it's no longer a unique expression it's predictable it's boring.

There are literally thousands of others that you could have learned, but you chose to learn to floss and probably not because you thought it was an accurate expression of how music makes you feel.

but because everyone else was doing it and this doesn't only apply at the dance moves. for a lot of us, almost all of what we do is dictated by what we see others do.

We all go to college because everyone else does. we all try to save up and buy a car or a house because that's what everyone does.

We travel to the same places around the world for holidays because that's what everyone does. now there's nothing wrong with looking to others for inspiration once in a while that's human nature. but when all you're doing is what everyone else is doing you by definition if you come boring.

travel same place

The only way to combat this is to start doing things that you genuinely want to do. which brings us to reason number two why you are boring.

I want you to imagine for a second a circle and within the circle are all the things that you are familiar with. with places activities people jobs Etc.

All of these things are things that you feel totally fine doing or interacting with this is your comfort zone.

The second reason why you are boring is that you are scared of venturing outside of the zone. you're quite sure what will happen when you go out and try that new thing or talk that new person or go to that new place.

There's a chance that you might get rejected or you might mess up or you might look like a fool and that can be a bit scary.

in order to start doing the things that you want to do so that you can become more interesting. you must first learn how to muster up the courage and venture outside of your comfort zone.

And it really isn't a trick that I can teach you to do this you just have to face your fear and take the leaf and understand that even if you fail what if you mess up that it's all a-okay it's not the end of the world.

Boring life

But hey you managed to step outside your comfort zone and regardless of what happens at least you are now more courageous than you were before.

The secret to becoming less boring is to learn how to venture outside of your comfort zone so that you can try to experience new things that you genuinely want to do.

The more things you experience the more unique stories you will have the more you will learn about the world the more you will have seen
which in turn will develop your character and make you into a more interesting person.

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