8 Things Rich And Succesful People Don’t Spend Their Money On

Habits of Successful People

So last week I took out a small loan to buy the latest phone model, I had to have it just as I'm walking out of the store.


I see a Forbes list millionaire talking on a model released five years ago and that's when it hit me.
Rich People don't buy what poor people want and it's not just phones, clothes, and shoes superstars look like real stars in their stunning designer outfits.

Poor minded people want the same and they'll save a few paychecks are going to debt to get the celebrity look.

Truly successful people focus not on price or brands but comfort simple T-shirts and jeans that's all.
They're successful and confident they don't need to prove that through their outfits.

1. High Ticket Property
Penthouses, mansions, luxury villas so many people are ready to take out a loan and pay for it for the rest of their life.
it means they can own some elaborate property, not for the rich they'd rather buy a nice enough place where the price is right, or they get an old fixer-upper and invest money to bring it back to life.

2. Gadgets
have you ever upgraded to the latest model even when you're older phone was working just fine?
We all do it some of us even take out loans or sell something to come up with cash for a brand new super cool gadget.

why just to seem ricj\her and trendies, yet many wealthy and successful people stick regular phones for several years and feel great while doing it.

3. Loans
Cap says we're on the subject this is a repeating thing when it comes to rich versus poor.
Rich people avoid debt whether it loans credit cards any kind of borrowed money for instant gratification.

Poor people get into debt to pay off old and is just an endless cycle all for the sake of having things they can't afford but want to look like they can just don't make sense.

4. Food
Put two dishes on the table one belongs to a rich person, the other someone who's low income.
one plate is covered with steamed veggies grains.
Maybe some boiled chicken overall doesn't that look appetizing the other a big juicy hamburger, greasy french fries slathered in salt mouth-watering.

Guess whose plate is whose the modest-looking meal is common for the rich, they'd rather it be bland.
yet healthy and cost-effective then delicious but bad for your gullet and your wallet because that makes sense.

5. The Image
You earn your first million and then comes that irresistible urge to spend it on flashy cars, designer suit, and dinners in the most expensive restaurants.

Yet even some billionaires drive an old car but a reliable car uses public transport and dress like the average Joe or Jane.

Such people don't need to prove anything to others they get pleasure and confidence from what they do.
This earns them respect, not the sparkly material stuff.

6. Get Rich Quick Schemes
I'm not just talking about investing some shady pyramid thing, it could also be seeing and paying a fortune teller or psychic.

Spending money on bets and lottery tickets anything that promises instant riches and success.
What's the wealthy way to predict some events collect all the information and analyze it, then make an educated bet.

It often works in their favor.

Okay, that's what the rich don't spend their resource on so what they do with their time and money?

7. Self-Development
Not to be confused with those who get rich training, yes a wealthy person will never regret spending money on expensive courses to master some new profession or further develop an existing skill.

They made also pay for fitness club memberships. this is an investment of money in oneself and it'll pay off in any case.

either this knowledge will help you earn more money or improve your physical and mental health.

8. Charity
Rich people give millions to different charitable foundations plenty of them their own and before you say well duh they have the extra cash to do that.
Remember that donations aren't just financial you can also give your time by volunteering at local charity Why? because doing good for others makes you feel good.
it can keep negative feelings away and keep you on top of your game, just try it you'll see.


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